Slotpartners was established in 2008, which makes us one of the oldest affiliate networks in online gaming. Today we have a network of over 1,000 affiliates. We have stood the test of time thanks to our vision, which is based on 3 pillars: constant innovation, loyal players, and a strong affiliate network.

Strong Affiliate Network

Slotpartners’ efforts are built on a firm belief in sharing. Where we benefit, our affiliates benefit. We believe that to build a strong affiliate network, you need to stick to 4 important rules : Always offer the best commissions, Never apply a negative carryover, Be transparent with insightful statistics, Be there when an affiliate needs help.


There are 2 reasons why Slotpartners’ brands have the most loyal player base. First of all, our brands offer an experience no other casino can match. Secondly, our retention team makes sure we stay ‘top of mind’ with our players. Loyal players make for amazing Player Lifetime Value, which translates to high lifetime revenue share.


New games are added regularly to our platforms, giving them a unique mix of entertainment; from classic retro games to the latest 3D slots adventures available in the market. We also keep a close eye on our websites, improving anything to help optimize usability and conversion rates.