Responsible gaming and marketing

We want all of our players – that includes the ones you refer – to have as much fun as they can. In our efforts to achieve this, we take Responsible Gaming and Responsible Marketing very seriously.


Responsible Gaming


Slotpartners is very committed to Responsible Gaming. Our websites offer various information sources as well as tips and tricks to prevent and fight problematic gambling behavior. We go to great lengths to help players that suffer from gambling addiction.


Free Trials


For those who aren’t familiar with our brands’ games, we offer trial runs using free playing credits. This way new players can learn the games and their rules without the risk of losing money.


Information to Fight Problematic Gambling or Gambling Addiction


On our websites we have a large section, called Responsible Gaming. In this section we offer helpful information and tips to those who deal with gambling addiction or are starting to show signs of problematic gambling behavior. With our questionnaire people can determine if they are addicted to gambling or prone to addiction. We also provide tips to prevent any problematic behavior from occurring.


Tools to Fight Problematic Gambling or Gambling Addiction


For those who can’t fully control their gambling behavior, our brands offer special tools to limit the repercussions of their activities on their websites. These tools help set a limit before playing. Players can set a limit to make sure they don’t spend more time and money on our websites than they can afford to lose. Limits can be lowered at all times, but to increase the limit, players have a waiting period in which they can decide if they actually want to apply the change. If these tools don’t offer enough help, players can block their account for a period of time in which they are strongly advised to seek help.


Efforts to Prevent Underage Gambling


It is our responsibility and top priority to prevent any minors from opening an account and playing for money. To ensure players are of the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction, our platforms ask for all relevant details for us to establish their age. Also, all of our brands comply with the strict “know-your-customer” (KYC) regulations when it comes to confirming the identity and age of our players. Players are encouraged to notify staff of any minors they may be suspecting of having an account on our website. Any suspicious accounts will be thoroughly investigated. If this investigation shows that indeed a minor is the account holder, the account will be terminated immediately, and additional measures will be taken if necessary.


Responsible Marketing


All our affiliates should adhere to our commitment to responsible marketing. In accordance with all applicable regulations, we strictly forbid any illegitimate activities including but not limited to the sending of unsolicited marketing (“Spam”), the targeting of minors, scumware activity, the use of misleading or confusing language and other such activities. Failing to comply with these regulations may result in the termination of your affiliate account. For more information we kindly direct you to our Terms & Conditions.