Slotpartners: A new star is born

Once upon a time there was an affiliate program named Slotpartners, famous in certain niche markets for offering first-class fruit machine platforms. Hungry for international success, the team behind Slotpartners launched a new casino brand three years ago. Omni Slots was introduced to reach larger markets which grew into a legendary slots platform with it’s own affiliate program operated by Egass.

While Omni Slots was growing, Slotpartners was working on a total makeover for Fruits4Real, one of the biggest brands under their affiliate program. With the new look and style of Fruits4Real, Slotpartners felt ready to leave the safe niche market and launch Fruits4Real internationally. The final touches are underway, and Fruits4Real will be launched the start of July.

So, this was the situation. On one hand, there was Omni Slots, that grew into a successful international brand with its own affiliate program. On the other hand, there were five other fruit machine platforms running under the Slotpartners affiliate program, only active in their niche markets. Time to make things simple for our affiliates. We have come up with a solution for a brighter future. We are ready to grow as a business, and we want you to be a part of our success.

The company decided to give Slotpartners a totally fresh look. The redesigned platform incorporates the latest news about promotions, new games, and more. Additionally, the platform runs on the most reliable affiliate software, Egass. Thusly, a new star was born: Slotpartners.


The new Slotpartners

Which brands can you find at Slotpartners, what brands are coming soon, and what happens for you as an affiliate with access to these brands? All of these questions are answered below!


Omni Slots – available for promotion

From today you can find Omni Slots in the Slotpartners Affiliate program. Login at Slotpartners with your existing login details and choose the Omni Slots brand to see your statistics, campaigns, and marketing tools.


Fruits4real – available at the beginning of July

Once we have launched the new Fruits4Real site, you will be able to create campaigns and begin promoting this brand in the new affiliate program.

Affiliates who were already promoting Fruits4Real still have access to the old statistics by the following site. It is not possible to create new affiliate accounts within the old platform, but you can still see the statistics from your promotions.

With the launch of the new Fruits4Real (beginning of July) you will need to get links and banners from the new Slotpartners affiliate program.


What happens with any old affiliate links to Fruits4Real?

The old links will stay active via the old affiliate program, so you don’t need to change the links to keep earning revenue share commission. However, we strongly recommend you to use the new affiliate program and change the links where possible. The new affiliate program is more sophisticated and gives you a better infrastructure.


Other old brands (Powerjackpot, Nedbet, VIP Powerlounge, etc.)

These brands will remain accessible with the old affiliate software. All of these brands will get a complete makeover in the near future and will be added to the new Slotpartners affiliate software.


New brands

Launching of new brands will be done from the new Slotpartners affiliate program, and you can get promotion tools by choosing the brand you want to promote.



 We are very excited and proud of the new Slotpartners affiliate program. This is a big step for the company to become an even stronger and reliable affiliate program.

We hope that the above explanation is clear for you. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer all of your questions.


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