Important updates in our Affiliate Program

To make both your job and ours easier, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our affiliate program. The latest update in our affiliate program involves some changes in processes and policies. Please read this article carefully to find out what has changed for you.

Upfront approval needed new brand promotion

You used to be able to start promoting our brands right after setting up your account. Due to recent changes, affiliates now require approval to start promoting the new brand Fruits4real. It is possible to log in to your account before approval, but promotions aren’t available until the account has been approved.

When do you need approval?

If you already promote 1 or more of our brands, you don’t need approval for those brands anymore. However, if you’re a new affiliate or if you want to promote a new brand (e.g., you now promote Omni Slots and you want to start promoting Fruits4Real), you will need the manual approval from your Affiliate Manager as described below.

How to get approval?

First you need to request approval by clicking on the menu item ‘Brand subscription’. There you can choose the brand(s) you wish to promote and click on Subscribe. The approval of your request is done manually by your Affiliate Manager. He or she will look at your account and promotion channels, and then see if you’re eligible for approval. Once the decision has been made, you will receive an email.

Adding campaigns under multiple brands

To make our affiliate program more organized and easier to navigate through, we have adjusted the campaign creation process. Instead of the old system where you could open a new campaign and create links and banners under that campaign for all brands, campaigns are now organized per brand. This makes it easier to check the statistics per campaign and brand.

How to add a new campaign?

In the new system, you have to select the brand you want to promote before you can create a new campaign. You also need to select the commission deal you want before you can start promoting the brand. After that, you’re good to go!

New Big Winner Policy

Starting December 1st, we have activated the Big Winner feature in our affiliate program (also known as the Win Bin feature). This feature is designed to protect you and us from players that score a big win. We’ll explain all about it below.

How does it work?

As you know, we never charge for negative carryover. However, big wins from players are deducted from your results and compensated with positive results. With the Big Winner feature, a specific player with commission-able revenue of -€ 5000 or more will be moved to a designated quarantine. This way your earnings from other players will not be affected by the big win, and you’ll have a smaller chance that your month will end in a negative result.

Once the player has created enough commission-able revenue to compensate for the loss that the big win created, the player will be moved from the quarantine back to your account, and you will be able to earn commission from this player again.


An affiliate has a 40% Revenue Share deal. A player referred by this affiliate scores a win of € 12500. There are no previous losses from this player from which the commissions have not yet been paid out. With a 40% Revenue Share deal, this means the commission-able revenue from this player is -€ 5000. The player will now be quarantined.

Once the player loses € 12500 again – compensating for the earlier revenue loss – the player will automatically return to the affiliate’s account, and the affiliate can start earning commissions from the player’s losses again.

In our Terms & Conditions

We have added the following articles to our Terms & Conditions describing the Big Winner Policy:

6.2.1 Big Winner Policy
The Big Winner Policy will come into effect when:
A player generates a negative commission-able revenue of €5000 or more, on any product or game. In such a case the player will be considered to be a Big Winner (or High Roller) and will be added to the Win Bin list.
If above criteria is met, the negative commission-able revenue generated by the Big Winner will be isolated until the player reached the -€5000 balance again.
All players subject to the Big Winner Policy will be visible to Affiliates under the ‘Win Bin’ list.
Any Big Winner Policy balance carried forward will not be set-off against other customers referred by the affiliate.
Progressive Jackpot Big Winners, for whom jackpot winnings are paid to the customers by third parties are excluded from the Big Winner Policy.
In the open period when a Big Winner customer surpasses the negative commission-able revenue of €5000, the Affiliate will begin earning commission for that customer again automatically.
If there is more than one Big Winner, each Big Winner will carry forward his own negative balance.

More info

If you have any questions or need extra info on a subject described above, do not hesitate to contact your Affiliate Manager.


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