Now: Pragmatic Play at Fruits4Real and Omni Slots

We have reached a new level in our continuous quest for providing the best entertainment on the web. As of this week, Fruits4Real and Omni Slots welcome Pragmatic Play as their newest gaming brand. Find out how you can benefit from this addition.

Pragmatic Play: Vegas at your fingertips

Pragmatic Play truly raises the bar with their straightforward games with beautifully detailed graphics. Each game has unparalleled visual appeal, while a top-quality soundtrack can be heard in the background. Moreover, the various volatility levels of the slot games suit players of all shapes and sizes. Of course, these slots come with their unique Bonus rounds for even more fun while trying to score that mega win!

Where to find Pragmatic Play at Fruits4Real?

With the special filter option, you can easily find Pragmatic Play games at Fruits4Real. You can select Pragmatic Play in the provider filter next to the search bar. On your desktop, you see it in the menu right above the game grid on the right. On mobile devices the provider filter is in the middle of your screen when you land on the homepage.

Where to find Pragmatic Play at Omni Slots?

Omni Slots also has a search option that allows you to view games per provider. Click or tap the magnifying glass at the right on the grey menu bar on the homepage or any other game page. It will open the search function, which also displays the gaming providers. Here you can select the provider you’re looking for. Or go directly to Pragmatic Play at Omni Slots.

Can’t find a specific title?

Our tech team is working around the clock to put all the Pragmatic Play and other new games live as fast as possible. However, some of the games may not be live yet. If you give it a day or 2, your favorites will probably be online. You can also contact your Affiliate Manager to check for the latest status update on new additions.

How to promote the games?

You can find all promotion tools in our Egass affiliate software. Of course, you need to be registered as our affiliate to access the software. Are you a new affiliate? Sign up here.

On Fruits4Real
All Pragmatic Play games can be promoted through links leading directly to each individual game. Before you can promote them, you need to be subscribed to Fruits4Real. For more information on how to promote the games, please check this article.

On Omni Slots
If you want to promote the Pragmatic Play games at Omni Slots – and we recommend that you do – contact your Affiliate Manager. He or she will provide you with all the links and other promotion material you need.

Questions? Contact us

If you have any questions about promoting any games, or if you need anything else, please contact your Affiliate Manager. Together we can make this provider the perfect addition to our brands!



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