Name Your Prize Tournament at Fruits4Real

This April, Fruits4Real may very well host the coolest online casino tournament ever! The actual amount of coolness is up to the players, because they get to decide their prize. You’re going to want to share this news, because we’re expecting a tsunami of players!

In addition to other promotions

Although we want to highlight this tournament in April, it’s not the only thing going on this month. We have lots of promotions lined up with huge Bonuses and many Free Spins. Want to know more about these? Contact your Affiliate Manager!

Weeklong battle

But back to the tournament. Starting April 13th, players will go head to head in a weeklong battle. Only 3 of them will end up with a prize, but it’s worth taking a shot. These are no ordinary prizes. Find out below what’s up for grabs.

Tailor-made prizes

Always wanted to visit that special sporting event? Looking to plan an unforgettable trip? Or maybe there’s a gadget too amazing to pass up on this season? Everybody wants something else these days. That’s why we haven’t selected any prizes for our players. Instead, the winners can decide what they want! The top-3 players win:

  1. A € 2,000 event, trip, or gadget (or € 1,000 Bonus money).
  2. A € 1,500 event, trip, or gadget (or € 750 Bonus money).
  3. A € 1,000 event, trip, or gadget (or € 500 Bonus money).

How to win

Players that want to get their hands on these prizes need to join Fruits4Real from April 13th-20th, 2020. All they have to do is score the highest total wagering amount during that period. Of course, we’re talking real money wagers. Also, it has to be on our slot games.

Who can join?

All players with an account (new or existing) can join the Name Your Prize Tournament. So make sure you refer any player looking for a great way to score an unforgettable prize of their choice. Contact your Affiliate Manager for special requests. Good luck boosting our brand – and your revenue!


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