8K and a bag of goodies: It’s August at Omni Slots

Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s always hot at Omni Slots! But August 2020 is going to be especially cool… or steaming. Anyway, we have a month packed with stuff your players don’t want to miss! Check out the Omni Slots August 2020 calendar or read more below.

All month: 8K Splash

We have €/$ 8,000 to spend and we’re spending it on our players. Over 4 weeks, 25 players will grab their slice of a €/$ 2,000 pie each week. This is how it works.

The prize pool

Every week we have a €/$ 2,000 prize pool of which the top-25 players get their cut. There are prizes of €/$ 20 to €/$ 500 to be won, depending on how high a player ranks. All players have an equally fair shot at all prizes each week. That means you can win a total of €/$ 2,000 over the whole month!

The rules

Do you have players that want to compete in our 8K Splash? They’ll only have to make a deposit of at least €/$ 20 in the week they want to join. That deposit will be their admission. After that it’s time for them to secure a place in the top 25. The ranking is based on the total wagering of the week – the more they wager, the higher they rank. Only wagers on slots count.

The dates

The 4 weeklong battles will take place back to back, the first of which will start when the month starts. This means your players need to mark the following dates:

–  Week 1: August 1st-7th

– Week 2: August 8th-14th

– Week 3: August 15th-21st

– Week 4: August 22nd-28th

The info

Interested in this thrilling event? Contact your Affiliate Manager for more details, or check the August 2020 calendar at Omni Slots!

Other promotions

In addition to our tournament we also host various other promotions in August. There will be many Bonuses, Free Spins, and package deals to claim. Check out some highlights of the 20 scheduled promotions.

Twinny Winny

The second weekend of August there are 8(!) Bonuses to be claimed over 2 days. There are 22% and 33% Bonuses. Players that claim at least 5 of these 8 Bonuses also get 40 Free Spins for Fa-Fa Twins.

Take 5

Free Spins, anyone? We’re handing out 100 Free Spins on a Betsoft slot. The type of slot depends on the amount the player deposits on August 12th (at least € 50). These are the options:

Quest To The West

– Back To Venus

– Monster Pop

– Stampede

Master Weekend

Up to 6 Bonuses and 150 Free Spins for Take the Bank are available during our 3-day Master Weekend. August 14th-16th players can claim 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Bonuses, varying from 20% to 45%. The amount of Free Spins they get depends on how many Bonuses they claim.

Mystery Sunday

For an extra element of surprise there’s no better day than our Mystery Sunday on August 23rd. There’s a Bonus of at least 25% waiting for all players who deposit €/$ 10 or more. The Bonus can go up to 35%, and there’s only 1 way to find out the exact amount…

Swiping Rewards

On August 31st your players can score a date with a Bonus. How much would they like? If they swipe left and deposit €/$ 30 or more, they get a 40% Bonus. Or they can swipe right and get a 20% Bonus with a deposit of at least €/$ 10. Of course it’s also possible to claim both!

And much more – promote Omni Slots now

This is just a small impression of what Omni Slots has in store this August. Check out all the details in the Omni Slots August 2020 calendar. Need assistance setting up the perfect promotion? Your Affiliate Manager is always here to help!


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