Welcome to the Jungle that is Fruits4Real

August 2020 is all about adventure and animals. We have a range of promotions lined up. As usual, you’ll have to contact your Affiliate Manager to find out the details of all promotions. However, there’s 1 promotion we want to share with you: our Jungle Adventure.

4 days of adventure

Fruits4Real’s Jungle Adventure will be a 4-day tournament, consisting of 2 Sundays and 2 Mondays. These are the dates to watch out for:

– Day 1: August 23rd

– Day 2: August 24th

– Day 3: August 30th

– Day 4: August 31st

Daily and overall prizes

Players can join each of the 4 days for a daily prize. Each day, the top-10 players will receive a Bonus money prize of € 20 to € 300. There will also be an overall top 5. Players that secure a spot in this top 5 will receive prizes of € 100 to € 600.

How to join

Entering the tournament is very easy, but does require an important step. On all 4 tournament days there’s a 30% Bonus available. Each day a player wants to join, they have to get the Bonus of that day. Players that also want to take a shot at the overall prize will have to deposit on all 4 days.

How to win

After claiming the Bonus, all that’s left is to battle for the daily and overall prizes! For the daily prizes, players will be ranked based on their total wagering amount during the day. The overall top 5 is based on the total wagering amount during all 4 days. The higher the total wagering amount, the higher the player ranks.

Promote our Jungle Adventure and more

Don’t let this opportunity go by. Promote Fruits4Real’s Jungle Adventure and all the other great promotions we have lined up. Contact your Affiliate Manager for all the details and any customized marketing material you may need. August is going to be a blast!


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