Turning a classic into a tournament Fruits4Real

At Fruits4Real we’re known for keeping our promotions a secret. Whenever we have anything to offer, we email our players. Until then, everything remains a mystery. Except for 1 promotion we’ve got going on in November: our Weekend Booster tournament.

What’s different?

You know our Weekend Booster. It’s a 40% Bonus we hand out on Fridays. But for November 20th-22nd, we have something different in mind. Players can deposit for their 40% Bonus not only on Friday, but also on Saturday and Sunday. And if they get 2 of these Bonuses, they’ll also have a shot at some amazing prizes…

The prize pool

So what kind of prizes are we looking at? Here’s the breakdown of Bonus prizes that await the top-10 players:

1st: €/$400

2nd: €/$300

3rd: €/$200

4th: €/$150

5th: €/$100

6th: €/$75

7th: €/$50

8th: €/$40

9th: €/$30

10th: €/$20

How to enter and win

We’ve already explained how to enter – get at least 2 of the 3 Bonuses offered November 20th-22nd. But what about winning? That’s also easy. The 10 players with the highest total wagering from November 20th-22nd win the prizes! So it’s just a matter of spinning.

How and when can you promote this?

You’re probably already promoting our Weekend Booster. So you’ll definitely be telling your players about this awesome weekend! Want to know more about how you can make the most of this tournament? Contact your Affiliate Manager for all the details!


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