Huge things happening at Fruits4Real

Of course we have great promotions lined up at Fruits4Real. But as always we invite players personally. So ask your Affiliate Manager if you want to know more about them. However, there is something else we’re dying to share with you. We’ve migrated to a new platform! Read all about it.

3rd in line

After Whamoo and Omni Slots, Fruits4Real is the third casino to run on our new platform. It makes the whole casino experience smoother, faster, and easier. And the transition is hassle-free – players can just log in and play like always! So what exactly have we improved behind the scenes? Just about everything. Here are some examples:
● Just like on the other platforms (and the old Fruits4Real), players need Promo codes for all Bonuses and Free Spins. Nothing new – although this new system works smoother.
● Thanks to a new wagering system, players wager cash first. Also, the wagering requirements are fulfilled using cash balance only.
● We’ll start launching new tournaments based on various criteria (total wager, number of bets, single spin win) in the near future.
● We’ve introduced new, fixed promotions to give players things to look forward to every week – check them here!

And these are just a few examples. As we’ve learned from Omni Slots’s migration, the new platform is a big hit among players. So make sure you tell your players about the new and improved Fruits4Real – and benefit from the better results!

Start promoting the new Fruits4Real now

Before you do anything, check out the new Fruits4Real. After that, let’s get the word out to your players. Contact your Affiliate Manager to discuss the perfect way to promote Fruits4Real!



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