Feast your eyes on Whamoo’s monthly schedule

No less than 4 weekly promotions are available to players at Whamoo. This is what a week looks like when you play at the world’s coolest casino.

Superstar Sunday

Possibly the coolest thing about Whamoo is its Superstar Program. Players get all kinds of perks and extras as they advance in this 6-level loyalty program. On Superstar Sunday we hand out goodies based on the player’s level in our Superstar Program. So the more advanced a player is, the better this day gets! Find out what Superstar Program is all about.

Monday Pick ’n’ Play

Don’t just play. Pick ’n’ Play. Before players start their week of spinning, they can pick their own Bonus. It can be €5, €15, or €35. All it takes to get it is the right code – and deposit. Here’s more info about Monday’s  Pick ’n’ Play.

Whoa Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week. The perfect time to get a nice account boost. But what do you want? Each week, we offer a different package filled with goodies. It can be a Bonus, some Free Spins, or a bit – or a lot – of both. Players (and you) can  check out here what Whoa Wednesday holds in store for them each week.


Friday = Freeday. There’s nothing you have to do to get your cool free stuff on this day. Or, if you haven’t met the requirement, there’s nothing you can do. Based on the prior week, players get:

– 10 Free Spins for every weekday they’ve deposited and wagered €30 or more.

– 20 Free Spins for every weekend day they’ve deposited and wagered €30 or more.

Here’s all the info on Freeday.

… and loads more

Regulars at Whamoo enjoy a whole lot more than just these 4 promotions. There are many opportunities to catch some extra spins, a nice Bonus, or other goodies. We make sure your players enjoy their stay at our casino!

Promote Whamoo’s events

Get in on this action and get your piece of the pie. Promote all the events that are happening at Whamoo. Contact your Affiliate Manager for more info or if you have any special requests.


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