Fruits4Real at Slotpartners: how to start promoting

After being fully overhauled, the new mobile-friendly Fruits4Real is now available at Slotpartners. You can now start creating tracking links to promote the world’s #1 online fruit machine brand. Below you can find important must-read information on how to get started – even if you’re already an active affiliate for Omni Slots.

Your commission deal

We want you to get off to a flying start, so we offer 60% for the first 2 months – always. After these 2 months, we invite you to discuss how to continue our partnership and what will be the best suitable deal for you.

Are you currently promoting Omni Slots with a CPA or Hybrid deal, and want the same deal for Fruits4Real? Please contact your Affiliate Manager. Make sure you do this before you start promoting Fruits4Real, otherwise you will be promoting our platform with the standard Revenue Share deal.

Promoting Fruits4Real with the Revenue Share deal

If you already use the Revenue Share deal for Omni Slots, and wish to promote Fruits4Real with the Revenue Share deal, you can start right away! To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new campaign and give it a name, for example ‘Fruits4Real-default’.
  2. Visit the ad server and confirm that the new Fruits4Real campaign is selected.
  3. Choose a banner or click on the TEXT tab to get a text link.
  4. Get the code and place it anywhere you want promote Fruits4Real.

Promotion tools

In your affiliate account you can find various Fruits4Real banners. If you need a different size or language banner, a special mailer, or anything else, please use our special order form. Enter your details and your wishes and we will follow up on your request.

If you are looking for all the facts about Fruits4Real, you can access our Fruits4Real fact sheet.

Any questions? Contact your Affiliate Manager. We are here to help you maximize your results.


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